Heindl Family Celebration

During 2020, Freedom Area Historical Society will be celebrating our area’s founding families. These are the families that have had a long history in the area and have made considerable impact on our community.

Join us in honoring the Heindl family through April 2020. The Heindl family has been a fixture in Outagamie County since 1879. Wenzl Heindl first settled in Vandenbroek Township at the age of 23 operating a 200 acre farm. Descendants of Wenzel eventually made their way to Freedom to become successful farmers in their own right.

Margaret & Raymond Heindl Family (12-1967)
Ray Heindl, Mary Ellen (Kortz) & Dick Heindl, Marge (Ebben) Heindl
Vince & Mary (Heindl) Ebben (4-22-1939 Wedding)