Books & DVDs for Sale

A complete list of names found in the “Town of Freedom 1852 – 2002” history book is available at the historical society for your reference and by downloading the Freedom History Book Index Condensed1.pdf

Available for purchase at the Historical Society “Town of Freedom 1852 – 2002” $25
Available for purchase at the Historical Society “Life in the Town of Center” $25

DVDs of Bridal Event featuring dresses from 1874-2009

Brandon Wichman is a local author whose books are available for purchase at the Historical Society.

Brandon Wichman talks about faith, family, school, and everyday life in this year-long daily devotional. This book is full of scripture and prayers that are compiled alongside reflections from Brandon’s life.
Prayer is a daily journal that is designed for people of all ages. This yearlong prayer journal was created to serve as a guide that encourages focused communication with God.
Breaking Chains is a devotional that explores topics such as loneliness, anxiety, and anger.